Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family Bible: William John Stavely Cathcart (1823-1901).

Through the tremendous generosity of a fellow genealogical researcher, I have recently a obtained a family Bible (along with several other documents) belonging to William John Stavely Cathcart (1823-1901).

Perhaps the most interesting document included was a letter written to William by his father-in-law, Rev. Thomas Ketchin (1786-1855) in 1854.

Digital images of the Bible entries (birth, death, marriage dates), the letter mentioned above, a money bond, and a soap recipe can be found here:

I would welcome all comments/corrections on my transcription… or any other communication with respect to these documents.



Andrea Cathcart Moffit said...

Hi John, I emailed you but not sure If I got the right email address, anyway my name is Andrea Cathcart Moffit, decendent of Joseph Cathcart, Sr. born 1748 and who married Janet Macandless. I believe he was the spy you talk about, then I have a Joseph Cathcart on my paperwork that is born 1779 who is Joseph Jr. I believe, and then John C. born 1786 and it says son of Joseph so maybe he is another son of Joseph Cathcart Sr, then it says Franklin Nicholas Cathcart born 1804 is the son of John C. It is very confusing to me but either Joseph Sr. was my great, great, great grandfather or an uncle, not sure, thanks for the info you have gathered, anyway I know I am related to Joseph the spy somehow. If my college instructor who have never had us do this project, I would probably never know about you or my family history, my dad Benny Max doesn't know much about his roots, his brother Gwen has done the genealogy though, and got some clues with names and dates :) That is how I found your website - I wanted to know more about Joseph, and then found your site. Hope you are doing well! Take care - My email is

Andrea Cathcart Moffit said...

Also, it is great that you obtained a Bible, maybe it shows some relation to me :) Thankyou for your website, it has helped me tremendously with my presentation for class!