Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cathcart Webpage Blog

Since I can no longer get my guestbook page to work on my website, I've set up this blog to track your comments, questions, etc.

Please post your comments or questions here. You can respond to this post, or start your own topic.

I'll accept annonymous postings as long as they're germane and appropriate.

John Cathcart


Malinda Eccarius said...

Hello. I am a granddaughter of Mildred Cathcart Warrick, (ID 101257) and the only daughter of her son Homer Lyle Warrick, Jr.. I notice that you don't have information beyond the fact that he married a Wheeler. That Wheeler is no longer living, but if you are interested in more information about that line of the family, I would be happy to add to your data base.

John Cathcart said...

Hi Cousin Malinda,

Thanks for posting. Based on you being Homer's granddaughter, we are fifth cousins, once-removed.

Yes, I'd love to get in touch and expand on your branch of the family.

My email is:

To help stop/slow the spammers (who use bots to find email on the Net), just remove the NOSPAM from the address above.

Cousin John

Malinda Eccarius said...

Hi Cousin John,

I will e-mail you from work tomorrow. Thanks for getting in touch. I have a host of relatives for you and at least three new names for your list of surnames.

Cousin Malinda

Andrea Cathcart Moffit said...

Hi, I am Andrea Lee Cathcart - Moffit, my father is Benny Max Cathcart, his father was Lee Howell Cathcart born Dec 1855, his father was Franklin Nicholas Cathcart, and the father of Franklin was John C. Cathcart with Elizabeth Jane Bailey. I am on facebook also under Andrea Cathcart Moffit, I am doing a family project for college class, so your site has helped me so much, thanks John!!